Mystery Gorilla Safari



It’s a beautiful thing being able to discover something entirely different, frequently breathtaking, and most definitely not the norm. Here in Uganda, you have that chance with our tailor-made holidays. That’s our promise to you.

Start your journey at home and let us take you through the exciting process that is tailor made.

Your passions, tastes, time and budget are the defining factors in the creation of our tailor made holidays. They enable us to provide a bespoke holiday that is uniquely yours.

We’ll bring together the best accommodation, guides and experiences to suit your needs, and we will take you through the exciting planning stages from start to finish until you’re happy. Or if planning isn’t your thing, leave it to us to craft you the holiday of a lifetime.

Our trips range from comfortable city, culture, and nature tours to adventurous treks into remote areas that are simply breath-taking.

We deliver the best, most comfortable services available but also offer trips that are completely off the beaten track – it’s totally up to you.

We also offer the more popular but equally unmissable destinations which combined create fantastic tailor made holidays in Uganda.

You can tailor your trip to make it last as long as you want.

A typical trip to Uganda that includes time in the capital, visits to important cultural and historical cities and regions with some relaxation time on the beaches and lakesides can take anything from seven to 14 days, depending on your preferences.

We ensure that our clients who experience our tailor made holidays have sufficient time to maximize real cultural interaction and really appreciate the places they visit.

Our tailor-made holidays needn’t be a luxury. Our prices are incredibly competitive and offer excellent value for money with an elevated level of service, comfort and quality and a wealth of experiences included. With us, what you see is what you get.

We don’t provide international flights but always include internal flights, unless otherwise specified.

At Mystery Gorilla Safaris we are specialists in what we do with a wealth of experience in travelling throughout Uganda.

The relationships we’ve built up over the years with locals mean we’re able to offer our clients truly alternative experiences that follow their passions.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of new experience investigation, taking clients to places that aren’t on any typical trip itinerary and we are always looking for exciting new experiences that Uganda can offer.

We know what you expect in terms of service, quality and comfort. We’d expect the same.

Safety is paramount to us and our logistics and trip planning will keep you safe wherever you go in Uganda. We meticulously plan and risk manage each stage to ensure no stone is left unturned.

We are continuously working to better our tailor made holidays – delivering the best in service and experiences is what drives us. We ensure that our service is always the best it can be, drawing on both our own experiences and those of our clients.

Whilst we pride ourselves on being intrepid adventurers, we don’t take risks in terms of where we go within Uganda. What’s the point? We want you to have an amazing holiday with incredible experiences that will stay with you forever – and that means putting your safety first.

You can travel as a couple or in a small group. We have stipulated maximum group sizes based on tour focus. For example, for our trekking and hiking tours we have maximum group sizes of 12-16, depending on the trek/walks included, while for our birding and Gorilla tours we suggest a maximum of eight. These limits are to maximize tour safety and logistics whilst also guaranteeing the quality of the experience, which we aim to make as personalised as possible. Smaller groups ensure that you get the attention and personal interactions with locals and guides that you deserve.

Additionally, many of the ecosystems and sites that we visit are incredibly fragile and small group visits can help minimize our impact on these natural spaces.

Mystery Gorilla Safaris prides itself on its local knowledge, accumulated through a network of invaluable contacts and relationships that we’ve built up with local people over the years during our many adventures.

Through our network we have access to areas of high scientific, cultural and historical importance, and places that have yet to be discovered by the average tourist.

With this in mind, we cater for scientific expeditions, academic investigations, journalists and documentary makers by bringing together our in-depth knowledge with our wide range of destinations and specialist logistics.

Contact us for more information.

We love Uganda and everything in it so, as a company, we see it as our duty to protect and preserve the nature, culture and history that we visit in our trips. To do this we’ve implemented recognised sustainable travel strategies when developing our holidays.

You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are travelling in a responsible way, with friends who are committed to ensuring that the trip itself will help look after what it is we love to see.

Mystery Gorilla Safaris will always look for the best way to provide a responsible and sustainable trip to the protected areas we include within our experiences. If it can’t be done sustainably, we simply won’t do it.